MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY NINE So these are some compilations of stages of work I have taken to make something such as my final film for University Degree 'Colour'. I always start with a concept, an idea. From this I research further into the fundamental parts of the idea, whether that be for visual... Continue Reading →

Practice, Practice, Practice

After a sculptor trainee week at a studio a couple months back I have been planning on building on my realism skills when it comes to figure work. In particular that of hands and feet as I know these are my weakest points in not only sculpture work but in that of sketch work too.... Continue Reading →

Test Footage

Before I move on from the Pre-Production Stage to Production I must make sure that everything I have made works well for the goal I have set out for with each part. For example that the puppets move well enough to animate while still looking like my original designs. Therefore I test each part to... Continue Reading →

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