How You Started

I've always been an Art Lover and Knew I Wanted to go into the Creative Industry when I grew up. But it wasn't until I watched the Film 'Coraline' that I focused that Creativity into Stop Motion Animation and from there I went on to do a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Farnham... Continue Reading →

Interview – Week 1

This project started with a serious brainstorm of ideas to do with people we could possibly interview within our working groups, I firstly thought of interviewing some international students within the university about how life had changed since they had moved to England for their studies. However this became difficult when our international link left... Continue Reading →

Interview – Week 2

The first step of this week was to edit the interview film, getting rid of any of the unwanted questions and bits of speech that didn't make sense to keep in. This was done by first writing out a transcript of the interview so as to be able to read through it all and visually... Continue Reading →

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