Door Twenty

- Pixilation of Christmas Card being written and sent out, hope you are all prepped for Christmas! [making of blog posts coming soon]

Door Sixteen

  - Pixilation Animation of some Christmas Decorations being put up around the house, making everyday things more Festive! [making of blog posts coming soon]

Door Six

- Pixilation of the Champagne Toast to Family at Christmas with the iconic pop of the bottle and the clink of glasses. [making of blog posts coming soon]

Door Two

- Pixilation of the Christmas Pudding being set alight, nice and warm for the eating! [making of blog posts coming soon]

Summer Project – Face Paint

So today I managed to get to actually capturing the animation plan so far. (A day later than thought due to the mistake of miss located face paints.) I start this by setting up the camera, chair and backdrop so as to have everything right before starting on the photography. Taking lots of test shots... Continue Reading →

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