Coraline Opera

This was a truly magical show. I first of all love the Barbican, every show or event I have been to here has been amazing and really shows off the work and wonderful talents of the people working in them. And with this show it was no different. This was my first ever opera I... Continue Reading →


MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY TEN I always find music will instantly relax me. I love to sing and dance (you can totally tell my mood by this). Music has always been a great positive thing for my mood, especially relaxing in record form. I also love a good book to relax to and to... Continue Reading →


The Music is a large part of my film that guides the story and draws in the audience, making it highly important. And a part I am not skilled for and so I asked for assistance from Jamie Dowen on creating a music score for my film. In a meeting, I went through the style... Continue Reading →

Animatic and Sound Design

My Animatic developed a lot with the story. I had an initial drawn animatic that followed the original storyline with Carlina being older and coming from work when she discovers the other colours coming through the wall. 'Colour' Animatic from Frankie Wright on Vimeo. This got developed into a younger character when presented as it... Continue Reading →

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