Door Eleven

- Digital 2D Hand Drawn Animation of a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Just what you need to warm up in the cold of Winter. [making of blog posts coming soon]

The Last Day

Day Eleven – 11.08.18 – Algarve Porches, Algarve Off one of the main roads on our route today we found our way to this little pottery store Porches Pottery. A great artistic little spot where the artists have been hand-making pottery pieces since the 60's. One that my parents had actually visited before, about 20... Continue Reading →


MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY TWO I currently live back home in Farnham after Graduating from Staffordshire University and therefore moving back from Stoke. I make my own things in my room back home. Work projects within the Studio environments. Animations depend on the project, I sometimes work on locations, sometimes a more controlled environment.... Continue Reading →

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