Relaxation and Sunshine

Day Four to Six – 04.08.18 to 06.08.18 – Lisbon to Lagos After making our way to Lagos by a hire car driving over Portugal we spent the week in Lagos at the Villa we had originally booked out when planning this holiday for the week. The journey was rather easy along the not too... Continue Reading →


MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY TEN I always find music will instantly relax me. I love to sing and dance (you can totally tell my mood by this). Music has always been a great positive thing for my mood, especially relaxing in record form. I also love a good book to relax to and to... Continue Reading →

Book Binding

Many years ago I worked on an art project creating a book and I really enjoyed the process of bookbinding. I am going to look into the process again and perhaps look into replicating them into smaller prop versions. Saddle-Stitching is a more cost effective and simple method of binding so long as you have the... Continue Reading →

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