MAF 2018: ‘Making Of’ Panel Talks

I wanted to do a collective piece on all the 'Making Of' panel talks that were a part of the Manchester Animation Festival 2018, bringing together all the information and skills that went into creating each of these wonderful films seen above.   Becca’s Bunch The image of Becca's Bunch caught my eye immediately when... Continue Reading →

Door Three

- Hand Drawn Animation, A4 sized of a wreath on the door, blowing in the wind as a Robin comes to rest on it. Two great symbols of Christmas coming together! [making of blog posts coming soon]

Incredibles 2 (Bird, 2018)

> Date Seen: 20th July 2018 < -Spoilers Alert- This is certainly a film I have wanted to see for many years but never expected until the poster was released as a teaser a couple years ago, so as a child who had seen the original film I was very excited to see this. "Done... Continue Reading →

A ‘Portmanteau’ Word

The first week project for second year of my Stop Motion Animation and Puppet Making degree is looking into portmanteau words. Making up our own words of two different words put together. Mine were: DRALU - dragon with the flu SEUNK - seal punk ELEIRD - a cross between an elephant and a bird or... Continue Reading →

Place – Week 3

For the final week of this project I had the last stage to complete; the animating and editing together of my characters into the final film. This was where I noticed the problem with my set. It simply wasn't wide enough to film my characters standing in the landscape shots and so I had to... Continue Reading →

Place – Week 2

For this week of the project I was working on firstly the set, starting by first making a simple mock bench out of cardboard to make sure I have the size I want against the characters for animating. Here you can see the process of making that: I believe this worked really well as I... Continue Reading →

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