Door Eleven

- Digital 2D Hand Drawn Animation of a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Just what you need to warm up in the cold of Winter. [making of blog posts coming soon]

Door Ten

- Hand Drawn Piece showing the centerpiece of any household decorated for Christmas - The Christmas Tree! [making of blog posts coming soon]

Door Nine

- Christmas Bells and Candles Digitally Drawn 2D Animation of the flickering light of the flames. [making of blog posts coming soon]

Door Eight

- Cutout animation of a little drummer boy, Christmas makes me think of little tin drums that toys drum on, looking like little elves or nutcrackers [making of blog posts coming soon]

Door Seven

- Stop Motion Animation of a present prop being opened, a key part for many people at Christmas - the giving and receiving of gifts! [making of blog posts coming soon]

Door Six

- Pixelation of the Champagne Toast to Family at Christmas with the iconic pop of the bottle and the clink of glasses. [making of blog posts coming soon]

MAF 2018: Panel Talks

I am so glad that I have managed to visit the Manchester Animation Festival again this year after being unable to go last year. This is a fantastic festival showcasing and celebrating all things animation with panels, Q&A's and screenings over the three days that can certainly get your creative juices flowing. Over the next... Continue Reading →

Door Five

- Digital Hand Drawn 2D Animation of some Christmas Decorations around a Record Player playing a well known xmas tune, Looking all festive and getting those in the room in an equally festive mood. [making of blog posts coming soon]

Door Four

- Experimental Animation, created with coffee granules, given the snow look, hoping for some snow this year? [making of blog posts coming soon]

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