375 Days

Hi Everyone! So I know it has been a while since I last posted on here 375 days in fact! It has been a hell of a year full of lots of changes, work and projects and this is the main reason my blogging has taken a slip. But I hope to change this and... Continue Reading →

MAF 2018: Q&As

I am so glad that I have managed to visit the Manchester Animation Festival again this year after being unable to go last year. This is a fantastic festival showcasing and celebrating all things animation with panels, Q&A's and screenings over the three days that can certainly get your creative juices flowing. Over the next... Continue Reading →

Johnny English Strikes Again (Kerr, 2018)

> Date Seen: 17th October 2018 < -Spoilers Alert-   If you have never heard of Johnny English I will be very surprised. As this film makes for the third reincarnation of the much beloved [though greatly accident-prone] Johnny English role (played by the very stylised Rowan Atkinson). "Basil. Basil... Golightly. And this is... Colin.... Continue Reading →

Venom (Fleischer, 2018)

> Date Seen: 5th October 2018 < -Spoilers Alert- When I heard they were making a new 'Venom' film with Tom Hardy playing the lead I was very excited to see what they did with this and hoped they would take the character to a greater place than the previous adaptation within Spider-Man 3 (Raimi,... Continue Reading →

Mile 22 (Berg, 2018)

> Date Seen: 11th September 2018 < -Spoilers Alert- Full of action from the start this film follows a group of agents in the special and very secretive group 'Overwatch' fighting terrorism in the US. They end up on an assignment to protect a seemingly double agent for information on the whereabouts of some chemical... Continue Reading →

The Spy Who Dumped Me (Fogel, 2018)

> Date Seen: 24th August 2018 < -Spoilers Alert- This was a fun filled comedy that I was looking forward to seeing since the enticing crazy trailer. And I wasn't disappointed for some great laughs in the cinema. "Oh my God! I killed someone! I killed someone!" "Stop yelling that!" Audrey and Morgan, The Spy... Continue Reading →

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