Place – Week 1

This is a project where we had to look into a place and represent it within our own media and storyline. I began this project by brainstorming all the possible places that I could base this film on as of course with such a project it had to be accessable easily to me in case... Continue Reading →

Interview – Week 1

This project started with a serious brainstorm of ideas to do with people we could possibly interview within our working groups, I firstly thought of interviewing some international students within the university about how life had changed since they had moved to England for their studies. However this became difficult when our international link left... Continue Reading →

Place – Week 2

For this week of the project I was working on firstly the set, starting by first making a simple mock bench out of cardboard to make sure I have the size I want against the characters for animating. Here you can see the process of making that: I believe this worked really well as I... Continue Reading →

Marks and Traces

For the first stage of this project we had to photograph places, interior or exterior, that showed marks and traces of human activity as though something had been left behind to show that someone had been there. And so for my own version of this I decided to photograph my local park as this had... Continue Reading →

Christmas Project

For this project we had to make a series of three storyboards, showing 5 minutes of a life moment in different focused parts. One as a 'visual representation' which I chose to look at a moment where I went out to a cupboard, collected a j20 and placed on the kitchen table to open with... Continue Reading →

Interview – Week 2

The first step of this week was to edit the interview film, getting rid of any of the unwanted questions and bits of speech that didn't make sense to keep in. This was done by first writing out a transcript of the interview so as to be able to read through it all and visually... Continue Reading →

Interview – Artists Research

This weeks project is 'Interview' in which we are to interview a person of interest or someone whom has an interesting story in which to tell. The best way to always start is to look into different pieces of work that filmers and animators have created as their own interview projects. Going Equipped, Peter Lord,... Continue Reading →

Ritual – Week 2

So this was the week I knuckled down and made the actual sequence for this project of 'ritual'. I started this process by first drawing out a rough sketch out of my story idea, taking a girl in a class, sitting at a desk and with drooping eyes as she begins to daydream. Some thought... Continue Reading →

Ritual – Artist Research

Yuval and Merav Nathan These two have become rather famous for their unique and beautiful animated music videos for various different music artists, the most famous being that of Oren Lavie's "Her Morning Elegance" and Eatliz's "Lose This Child" of which you can watch here: I found such works of animation art truly magical, the... Continue Reading →

Ritual – Week 1

This week, although actually located in Venice for me personally we had to start on our first major project called 'Ritual'. We started by doing research into the different people who have done work on things to do with this sort of theme. The moving image collections were from such films as: 'The Wicker Man'... Continue Reading →

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