Final Project – Drawn Animation

This section of animation was most complicated, taking the greatest level of work to produce. This is because it added up to the most amount of frames and had to be each drawn by hand. However by choosing to take on such a task I learned a lot from it and discovered that I shouldn't... Continue Reading →

Final Project – Cutout Animation

Now to begin the animating of my film. The first section of this mixed media piece is that of the cutout animation, to start with the simpler stage first. So taking the characters and their cut separate limbs I began the set up, working out each of the different orders and designs of every shot... Continue Reading →

Final Project – Making

The next stage of my work is now to make those things in which I have designed. The first step being to buy each of the materials, with planning and listing out each of those I would need this took no time at all to sort out, simply a matter of visiting the right shops... Continue Reading →

Place – Week 3

For the final week of this project I had the last stage to complete; the animating and editing together of my characters into the final film. This was where I noticed the problem with my set. It simply wasn't wide enough to film my characters standing in the landscape shots and so I had to... Continue Reading →

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