Semester Two Begins..

Planning on update my blog more often from now on, New Year and all, must start with good habits.. 19.01.15 Lessons at university have started up again and I the course has now turned to my focus: stop motion animation and puppet making. This has begun with lectures on character design which I found rather... Continue Reading →

Fundamentals – Main Project – Planning

Here is the plan of the film I shall create this animation from: Napoli Solo More traditional dance style piece from Daisy West — —This is a more traditional style of dance which would therefore be more recognizable a style of movement that people recognize straight off. —Has a more memorable look of the dancer.... Continue Reading →

‘War Horse’ Day

Last week, 30th September 2014, was my War Horse day with my university. The day started in a workshop with one of the actor puppeteers from the show itself. It was a great range of work, from warm up exercises to acting and basic puppetry. It was really eye opening to different ways to work... Continue Reading →

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