Ritual – Artist Research

Yuval and Merav Nathan These two have become rather famous for their unique and beautiful animated music videos for various different music artists, the most famous being that of Oren Lavie's "Her Morning Elegance" and Eatliz's "Lose This Child" of which you can watch here: I found such works of animation art truly magical, the... Continue Reading →

Ritual – Week 1

This week, although actually located in Venice for me personally we had to start on our first major project called 'Ritual'. We started by doing research into the different people who have done work on things to do with this sort of theme. The moving image collections were from such films as: 'The Wicker Man'... Continue Reading →

Venice Trip

So just in case the title didn't give it away I went to Venice this week on a university art trip. Staying at the Hotel Venezia, Via Teatro Vecchio 5, 30/71, Mestre, Italy, a great little vintage Italian styled hotel where we were each split into our different rooms, mine being with two of my... Continue Reading →

Focus Pull

I am now doing focus studies into 'Moving Image and Photography' within my Foundation Art and Design studies. This means I am learning all about the different styles and processes revolving around this subject and getting closer to the sorts of studies I shall most enjoy. The first project is to make a space from... Continue Reading →

Fine Art ‘Constructions’

The word is 'construction' from which to design and create from in our fine arts class this week. For myself I came up with many an initial ideas.. From food to people to the way animals look and hunt. All being different styles of construction. But the one that really stuck in my mind was... Continue Reading →

The news ARTicle

So this is a cute little A7 book illustrating an article from the independent on Sunday about a woman travelling through Norway. I found it great fun to make all the text and artwork separately then cut and paste them all together neatly into a story that rather flows in some way..

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