MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY NINETEEN Currently I would say I can't live without my tech such as my computer, phone (seen here with my new handmade galaxy phone case) and my cameras. I use these practically everyday and I can't imagine my life without them. It's how I keep up my online profiles such... Continue Reading →


MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY EIGHTEEN So I've decided to draw together this little piece for todays prompt. Here you can see some of the films that I have been inspired by, they each use use the technique of stop motion animation in their own beautiful and amazing way that really gets ones creative ideas... Continue Reading →


MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY SEVENTEEN Once again like with the previous post about postage & packaging on day twelve I don't actually really have customers and get official feedback. However here are some of the things I have made for other people. Some briefs I have worked to such as some prop making for... Continue Reading →


MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY SIXTEEN One of the greatest examples of helpers I have had in my career was during that of the production of my Final Film 'Colour'. I had roughly 8-9months to make an animated short film from start to finish and I know there is no way I would have completed... Continue Reading →


MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY FIFTEEN   My First in a Collection of Hand Painted Photo Albums for my Holidays. This one being for a Uni Trip to California back in 2016 that I went on. Well timed as they have just completed another trip there! (wish I went again!) fwright95


MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY THIRTEEN I am definitely one for comfort when working at home. Baggy trousers being my life. But if I am doing something messy I try to wear older clothes. If I am out in studios I wear more sensible clothing and my recent purchase of these beautiful timberlands have been... Continue Reading →


MARCH MEET THE MAKER: DAY TWELVE Well this is going to be a bit different from many others I'm sure as it has been a few years since had my etsy account and so been a while since sold any of my crafts. However I do make things that need to be packaged and kept... Continue Reading →

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