March Meet The Maker 2021: Final Week

• #MarchMeetTheMaker2021 Day 31:

Looking Forward • 

And so on the final day of Meet The Maker I thought I would first say that it’s been great sharing my business with you all and I have lots of new ideas and thoughts from it all and I hope you have all enjoyed it too! 

Looking forward I am most hopeful for things to normalising soon, to be able to go out and see people and do things again ♡ I had a lot of plans for the future before the pandemic and I hope that I can start putting them together again, look into selling my work in markets and at events perhaps, if you have any suggestions or tips please leave a comment below! 

And this has made for the final week of March Meet the Maker 2021! Any one else feel like that went way to fast? It’s strange to think how different this month has been to the one last year and how much the world has changed.. But here’s to a brighter future soon! 

I shall be exploring more of the behind the scenes to my work here on the Blog soon so make to to follow not to miss out on anything! And in other news I also decided to setup a TikTok account this week so be sure to checkout that too as I hope to share some little films and clips on there @fwright95 

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