March Meet The Maker 2021: Week Three

• #MarchMeetTheMaker2021 Day 19: Silver Linings • 

Strange to think that a year ago Thursday was my last day at work.. It’s been hard but I have been incredibly lucky to have the support of my family and being able to keep going without the full time work of my Trainee Sculptor position. I’m also so lucky to have my health and my friends for support during the difficult past year. 

So no matter how cloudy it is there is a silver lining, the one for me not working full time anymore is that I have the time to work on my own projects full time, to create my work that I sell on Etsy. I’ve gotten to experiment and create new art and that’s my silver lining to this cloudy year. 

Speaking of experimenting, I had a lot of fun making this piece today. It was 100% experiment as I simply stitched it with an idea in my head, no fixed design like I would work from normally, but simply making. I think I should try this again in the future. 

I used needle felting technique to form the clouds and stitched with embroidery thread (white and Diamant silver) the details. 

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