March Meet The Maker 2021: Week Three

• #MarchMeetTheMaker2021 Day 18: Colour • 

I was going to take a self portrait today but when I spotted the card I made my Mum for Mother’s Day with these flowers I wanted to capture this lovely colour ♡ 

I love colour, it’s what lead me to having bright colourful hair. And in my work I love adding splashes of colour. This print I used for my Mother’s Day card I actually made last year, inspired by a beautiful cherry blossom tree I had seen in the middle of Spring once. I wanted to capture the branches of the trees and the bright pinks of the blossoms separately so made lots of little stamps for the pink ink and leaves individually from the branch Lino. I think these worked out well but I may need to add some more blossoms to any future variations I try with this print. 

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