March Meet The Maker 2021: Week Three

• #MarchMeetTheMaker2021 Day 17: Process • 

I thought I would make a little motion graphic illustrating the process I take when making something, just a rough guideline of the headings I usually write out in my bullet journal for a project. There is of course much more to making something but it helps me to visualise the process with steps and stages. 

I start with an idea, it could be something simple like a subject theme or something more fully formed. From the idea I would then start sketching out, visualising the concept until I can start designing elements. Then there would be the hands on making stage – whether animating or sculpting this is usually the longest stage for me and can take several stages in itself, depending on the medium used. The make is then finished up – this is just a term I like to use but really it is like the final stage of making such as editing the animation or painting and varnishing a sculpture. Then I make sure to Photograph the make, capture the piece fresh as it were so that I have reference to it later if need be. So that’s a little wrap up of my Process, If you have any questions at all feel free to message me! 

[Today’s Post video was created with my iPad Pro on Procreate where I drew out the elements I wanted in motion and saved the frames to form this motion graphic illustration, making sure that the main details all fit in the centre square ratio for Instagram later on. I then edited them on iMovie and added the music from YouTube Audio Library ‘Lens’ by Bobby Richards, exporting for high definition display.] 

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