March Meet The Maker 2021: Week Three

•#MarchMeetTheMaker2021 Day 16:From the Archive• 

When moving home again last year I was organising some old storage and found one of the first ever Lino Prints that I made back in Secondary School (I think maybe 2009). I remember in some art lessons before exams we had a visiting artist come in and teach us all about Block Printing using Lino, showing how to use the medium (and of course safety when cutting Lino). 

I learnt so much and I got the printing itch. I even used block printing in my final piece for my GCSE Art, where I believe I made a large mixed media collage on imagination and reality using figured from games and films I like in contrast to real life variations. I also used a lot of printing throughout college projects as well, creating lots of artwork I am still rather proud of. I lost tough with the medium when I was in University as I became more focused on animation and sculpting mediums but after Uni I fell in love with the process once again roughly 12yrs on.. And it all started with that one Artist in Residence and a little Red Riding Hood based print! 

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