March Meet The Maker 2021: Week Two

• #MarchMeetTheMaker2021 Day 11: Portrait •

Last year I created this #ToonMe embroidery half and half of me and when I saw the prompt for Portrait on here I knew I wanted to make an updated new version for this year. So this is me, a half toon me anyhow, with my hair still shining bright and colour (if a little shorter) after one of the strangest years I think many of us have faced.

To make this piece I started with the original first half I made from last year and the photo that it was worked with, taking another photo posing similarly. From which I sketched a design to give the important outlines to work from when embroidering, using the stem stitch to embroider each of these important parts first. I then filled in the shading and details with various straight stitches to capture this self portrait. It was more rushed than last years piece with the time constraints with Meet the Maker so I feel it is not quite perfect yet so I may work on this embroidery further just to make sure it’s right, widening the face a little and getting the right skin tones as with last year’s half.

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