March Meet The Maker 2021: Week Two

• #MarchMeetTheMaker2021 Day 9: Learning Curve •

I still stand by the Aristotle ‘The Nicomachean Ethics’ quote “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them” that I posted for this prompt last year and I have a great new project this year for this week’s Grayson’s Art Club ‘Food’ that really emphasises the theme of Learning Curve for me.

I wanted to explore a new method with my embroidery for this project and really make the Popcorn food ‘Pop’ (Pun Intended!) by making it more 3D as though the popcorn really is layered up in a bowl as it comes out of the embroidery. This 3D element of embroidery is something I have been wanting to explore for a while and was even thinking the new needle felting I am trying (check out last week’s Newest Make Post) may be a great method to try this out. However since I am still new to needle felting I made this by using layered of felt in each of the Popcorn shapes, getting thicker as I got to the top of the bowl of popcorn.

So I thought I would share another WIP Photo today as A. I really love how weird and wacky this process is and B. it is the epitome of learning by experiment as I couldn’t know if this would work until the very end of the embroidery so it is literally a learning curve make. And unfortunately very time consuming and so unable to complete in time for the actual deadline to this week’s Grayson’s Art Club.. But that is the risk with trying something new and I will always try and experiment with my art and techniques as this is the way to learn anything new and grow as an artist.

Stay Tuned for the complete image of this Popping Piece Soon!

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