Etsy Shop Reopening

As previously mentioned in this blog after discovering embroidery I decided it was time to re-open my Etsy Shop and begin selling my work once more. 

I had previously opened my Etsy Shop back in 2013 when I sold little handmade baking clay charms under the shop name ‘Creative Charms’. The biggest selling item being the mini pokéballs from Pokémon. However when I got busy with University and such I chose to close it down. 

I never really planned on re-opening the shop with those charms as the product so my shop remained in ‘holiday’ mode until June 2019. After having completed MerMay for the first time (Which I wrote in last weeks post) I felt I had a few subjected pieces I could see myself selling and began to re-brand my Etsy Shop and create these new listings. 

Now if you haven’t heard of Etsy before you should definitely check it out. I tend to describe it as like eBay for handmade items. It is a wonderful site where anyone can sell the work they’ve created online without it costing an arm and a leg. There are some truly amazing artists on there and I would certainly check it out if you ever find yourself stuck for gifts, love art or just enjoy browsing online stores. It is a world of items like no other and it supports the individual when you shop small like many of the shops on Etsy. 

And so fwright95 has branched out to the world of Online Shopping! Above are some of the items currently available.


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