My First MerMay

Around this time in my Embroidery Journey it has come to the month of May and I had decided to try and join in on the Instagram Challenge MerMay. Now if you don’t know about Mermay it is a popular Art Challenge on Instagram started by the Disney Animator and Character Designer Tom Bancroft where you make a different mermaid related art piece based on the prompts for each day. 

This was the first time doing this particular art challenge on Instagram and I ended up producing three embroidery pieces for this art challenge, the first being  Day Eight’s ‘Squid’, this ended up being one of my favourites from the collection. 

I started with this Whale fabric I found in a local store hunt for ocean mermaid themed fabric. Using a stem stitch I outlined this squid legged mermaid, making this element the focus of the whole composition. Making sure to shade the legs well when straight stitching the ‘fill’.  

The features of the face were so small and dainty I also used basic straight stitches to capture these elements too. Finally adding french knot bubbles as a little extra element to it to bring the whole work together in the hoop. I also made a custom ‘Sea Themed’ frame for these pieces too and you can see the final shot of them in one here, adding a little more bubble to this artwork. 

The second embroidery was on day sixteen of MerMay with the prompt ‘Honored’. With this concept I immediately thought of Royalty, sat on their throne with a large crown. So of course I had to make a mermaid queen! 

For this I used the same techniques as the Squid piece however I tried to make the work more 3D by having the hair actually come out of the work in threads, attached where needed to make it pop out and look like flowing locks. 

This is definitely a technique I have to explore now over a year on with my improved skill and experience I recon this could turn into something quite eye catching in the future. 

The final work I shall be exploring today was for 23rd May’s ‘Chosen’ Mermaid. As I stated on the original post I really wanted to try out my scales work again with a mermaids tail, so this design kind of came from that. I loved how the tail turned out, using the same technique as with the Dragon Egg I wrote about last week. 

The rest of the piece was rather experimental trying out back stitch for an outline. And with experiments they can be rather hit and miss.. I feel this one turned out rather more a miss with the body as it looked rather blocky with the backstitch. 

However I actually ended up re-making this one in 2020’s MerMay and it made for a much greater piece, You can see this on my Instagram Here

All of these mermaids were available for a time on my Etsy but I have since removed them as I have done lots more pieces since then. But as with any Art Challenge they always push you to make things you may never have thought to make otherwise which is why I love them. And I was definitely hooked on MerMay after 2019.


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