French Knots & Negative Space

A few years ago, back when I was at Staffordshire they used to have a newsletter the University would send out for shows and events. I always remember this graphic from one of them, just a word created within the negative space of these paper swirls, it wasn’t that extraordinary but for some reason it always stuck with me. So when I began embroidery, specifically that of the french knot stitch I had this image of creating letters and words in negative space using this technique. 

And so this letter series began, starting out as gift pieces for family and friends I really loved how this simple little concept produced something so sweet. It can also be personalised for each person which is great. Following colour schemes and concepts I could create something just right for someone. Such as this blue and green scheme ‘K’ for a blue room or a green scheme ‘G’ on an old shirt pocket to make even more personal there are so many different ways to go with this concept.

I always planned to add this into my future shop endeavours.. Which as of a year ago came to pass as I re-opened my old Etsy Shop for all my new artwork! However I still to this day have yet to put up my ‘Letter’ embroidery range as a listing. So while I go through my embroidery journey with you all on my Blog here it would make for the perfect opportunity in which to do so.. 

So Ready.. Set.. GO! 

Personalised Letter Embroidery Artwork is now LIVE 

Or you can email me a commission query at


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