There’s a First Time for Everything

Embroidery is one of those things I have wanted to try for many many years, seeing lots of artists on Instagram create beautiful things with the technique. So when I had quit my job at Argos last year and had some free time on my hands I knew this was something I wanted to try out. I bought myself some thread and with some fabric just dug straight into it. 

Using some online tutorials I tried out some of the basic stitches of embroidery into a flower head, with each petal produced in a different method such as Backstitch, straight stitch, french knots and satin stitch. I actually ended up using a scrap piece of an old bag fabric and a clashing pink thread just in case it turned out awful (I didn’t want to waste the best materials!) and it actually didn’t turn out half bad! And of course I was hooked. 

My mum suggested this cool little number signature idea for each piece to mark it as my own and I knew.. This was something I was going to be using a lot more in future.

The beauty of any first time is that it leads to a thousand others.

Pico Iyer

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