Sunshine & Blue Sea

For those of you who don’t know about MerMay it is this rather popular Art Challenge on Instagram with over 308k posts this year! It was started by Tom Bancroft a Disney Animator and Character Designer with different words for each day to prompt the artwork.




14 ♦ Adrift

For today’s prompt I hand stitched this embroidery of a mermaid looking out for people in this less than tranquil Sea, alone, will she ever find what she is looking for?

MerMay2020 #14 Adrift

I’m going to add in more waves to the piece before I make available on my Etsy so stay tuned for more detail! It has been Stitched on ‘Octopus Ocean Playground’ Fabric by @hnldesign which I purchased on Spoonflower.

MerMay2020 Day 14: Adrift


15 ◊ Rescued

What’s that in the water?! A Mermaid? Quick let’s help her!

MerMay 2020 #15 Rescued

A quick little painting with watercolours and fineliners.

MerMay2020 Day 15: Rescued


16 ♦ Deity

When researching Gods and those linked to the Sea I discovered the Goddess Amphitrite. In Greek mythology she is the Goddess of the sea and wife of the God Poseidon. And when I looked into the imagery of this Goddess I came across the painting ‘The Triumph of Amphitrite ‘ by Hughes Taravel from 1729. As soon as I spotted this I knew I wanted to recreate this painting as a sculpted Mermaid.. 

 MerMay 2020 #16 Deity 

Now that’s the design and plan when I had originally thought to start this project way ahead of May and I would have enough time to work on each piece. However I started late and by a few days into MerMay I have been making each piece each day.. And so for today’s post I have unfortunately not completed the sculpt and the WIP is not to a standard yet that I want to post it here.. So I shall save for when it looks proper and for now you have the sketch that I first put together from this research..


17 ◊ Crustacean

MerMay 2020 #17 Crustacean 

Okay so I may have gotten a little carried away with finalising the design for today’s print.. Lots of lino cutting to do and so not quite finished yet.. But excited to see how this one turns out, It is probably the most detailed design I have ever attempted for a print.


18 ♦ Wreckage

This was the original design for an animated concept I had planned for this Wreckage prompt.

 MerMay 2020 #18 Wreckage 

I liked the concept of having a little story running through some of these MerMay artworks, so I had this one follow on from the Rescued fifteenth prompt, should the man have rescued the mermaid?


19 ◊ Wrath

When I started embroidery just over a year ago I didn’t think about the pain it would be on my fingers.. Flash forward a year and my current wrath is that I haven’t been able to finish this Merman for today’s #MerMay due to a couple of sore fingers from sewing too long.. So filled with wrath I post another design shot today.
MerMay2020 #19 Wrath

P.S Just kidding on the wrath, I am just sad I didn’t quite get it complete in time!


20 ♦ Ancestors

As soon as I read Ancestors that song from Mulan came into my head 🎼 “Ancestors, hear my plea, help me not to make a fool of me.”

MerMay 2020 #20 Ancestors 

And this image started coming together in my head. Pretty close to the image here.

#MerMay2020 Day 20: Ancestors


21 ◊ Futuristic

First of all I am super proud of what I have produced for today’s prompt, totally inspired by Ghost in the Shell I digitally drew this plugged in Robot Mermaid!
Second of all I am not 100% sure on the whole guidlines on drawings so if you don’t like nudity then this design sketch will have to do..

 MerMay 2020 #21 Futuristic 

If you would like to see the final drawing however you can find it on this link HERE.

But yes overall super proud of what I managed to draw today.






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