Tails and Scales

For those of you who don’t know about MerMay it is this rather popular Art Challenge on Instagram with 168k posts in the past 13 days! It was started by Tom Bancroft a Disney Animator and Character Designer with different words for each day to prompt the artwork.


7 ◊ Tranquil

I’ve always loved that Riviera poster image, you know the one, and have been inspired by it with today’s post.

MerMay 2020 #7 Tranquil

The tranquil mermaid waiting adound floating on the Sea..

MerMay2020 Day 7: Tranquil MerMay2020 Day 7: Tranquil MerMay2020 Day 7: Tranquil


8 ♦ Heroic

When I read today’s prompt I knew I wanted to create the typical hero stance with the most famous aquatic Superhero: Aquaman.

MerMay 2020 #8 Heroic 

I had a lot of fun drawing this on my iPad and I am rather proud of the face I drew.

MerMay2020 Day 8: Heroic


9 ◊ Best Buddy

I’ve been watching Adventure Time on NowTV Kids Pass the last month or so and have found it as funny as I hoped.

 MerMay 2020 #9 Best Buddy 

I love these two main characters and the weird adventures they get up to so I had to create them for today’s prompt!


10 ♦ Ashamed

I wasn’t sure what to really make for today’s prompt and I have to say this was one of my hardest ones to come up with something for.

 MerMay 2020 #10 Ashamed

But I decided to create this little drawing with a sense of being ashamed to it..

MerMay2020 Day 10: Ashamed


11 ◊ Outcast

For this prompt I immediately had an image in my head for a print I wanted to create for this and couldn’t wait to get stuck into it.

MerMay 2020 #11 Outcast 

I experiemented with various different coloured card and this is my favourite of the lot with this blue ink blots.. Will share other prints soon I’m sure.

MerMay2020 Day 11: Outcast MerMay2020 Day 11: Outcast MerMay2020 Day 11: Outcast


12 ♦ Fury

Who can resist making a mermaid Nick Fury when that idea pops in your head? I know I can’t.

MerMay 2020 #12 Fury 

I knew he had to be wearing the iconic black coat but I also wanted to make it look moody and dark in style and I think I have managed to accomplish this.

MerMay2020 Day 12: Fury


13 ◊ Alien

For today’s sculpt I wanted to go back to my roots a little and make a little swimming xenomorph, one of the most infamous monster of the Alien Franchise.

MerMay 2020 #13 Alien 

Almost making it cute with this little 2 pence piece sized version of itself, what do you guys think?

MerMay2020 Day 13: Alien MerMay2020 Day 13: Alien MerMay2020 Day 13: Alien



Come Back Next Week for another lot of Mermaid themed Artwork!


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