Animated Advent Calendar Making Of: Others

For quite a few years I have planned on making this animated advent calendar to countdown to Christmas. But for the past few years I have had too much on to be able to do it justice. However this year I finally decided to take on this challenge, and boy was it one! Last week I went through the Digitally Drawn elements of the Making, this week is titled as ‘Others’ as it accumulates the different styles of animations that I used within this project that either combine techniques previously written about or are something slightly different..


‘Snow + Snowman’


Snow + Snowman
Experimental Animation using the ‘Sand’ animation technique, but with coffee as less damaging to camera lens

Door Four: combines the Christmas Symbols of ‘Snow’ and ‘Snowman’ into this experimental animation piece. I used coffee granules on a flat surface and then moved the granules and photograph the movement with my Panasonic TZ100 Stop Motion feature.


'Snow + Snowman' Animation Shoot
Captured in the Stop Motion Animation Feature of Panasonic TZ100


I then edited the colours on Adobe Premiere Pro to make look like white now. Then added the song ‘Kiss the Sky’ by Aakash Gandhi from the music section of the YouTube Audio Library. Overall creating a great magical movement of snow forming a snowman.


‘Pinecones + Tin Drum’

Pinecones + Tin Drum
Hand drawn and watercolour painted cutout elements, digitally animated

Door Eight: uses cut-out animation to join the Christmas Ideas of ‘Pinecones’ and ‘Tin Drum’ as we see a figure playing a beat on a tin drum. I first drew out each of the elements I needed and then cut them out to be workable parts to animate with. I then tested out the shots under my camera but the animation wasn’t quite right. So I decided to turn the elements digital and animate through Premiere Pro, in keeping with the beat of the song (‘Someone Your Own Size’ by RW Smith from YouTube Audio Library), by using markers.


‘Doves + Crackers’

Doves + Crackers
Hand drawn cutout elements for the Dove Animation, Slow Motion captured Film Background

Door Eighteen: uses mixed media to merge together the Christmas Concepts of ‘Doves’ and ‘Crackers’. I had the cracker element captured on my phone through the Slow Motion and Super Slow Mo features on my Samsung Galaxy S9+. Then adding the Dove flying out of it through cut-out animation. For the Dove I made the main body of the bird and then separate wings moving through a ‘flap’ of them.

'Doves + Crackers' Cutout
Hand drawn cutout elements for the Dove Animation

I then edited them all together with the YouTube Audio Library song ‘Deck the Halls (Instrumental)’ by Jingle Punks, trying to keep a logical length of the song.



These were not the only ‘Other’ animations I had originally planned on making but they ended up shortened when other techniques took more films. These were really interesting however as each one is different and tells their story in an interesting way. This Animated Advent Calendar has been a wonderful creative challenge and I am so glad to have had the chance to finally work on it. If I were able to do this project again though I would definitely have given myself more time to complete it and get each film to the quality level I wanted from the work. That wraps up this ‘Making Of’ series of mine here and I hope you have all enjoyed learning a little bit more about the work that went into creating this Christmas Countdown, let me know what your favourite parts have been or if you would like to know more about any of my projects in the comments below! Stay Tuned here for something new and follow me on my Instagram for more everyday updates on my Creative Endeavours..


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