Dumbo (Burton, 2019)

> Date Seen: 29th March 2019 <

-Spoilers Alert-

When I heard that Tim Burton was going to be directing a live action version of this old Disney animation I was intrigued to say the least! I couldn’t imagine his artistic style in a live action remake of this sweet elephant tale, but it all came together into an equally sweet film.

“Hi, baby Dumbo, welcome to the circus. We’re all family here, no matter how small.”

Milly Farrier, Dumbo (Burton, 2019)

The film has a great backbone from the original story Dumbo (Armstrong, Ferguson, Jackson, Kinney, Roberts, Sharpsteen, Elliotte, 1941), following a little baby elephant born in a traveling circus. But developing it to make realistic with a focus on this family in the circus rather than the mouse that led the storyline with the ability to speak in the original, Timothy Q. Mouse.

We see the Farrier family adjust to life after father Holt (played by Colin Farrell) returns to the circus after fighting a war and losing an arm. But also the two kids Milly and Joe (played by Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins) losing their mother while he was away. It is a lovely story about family life and supporting those you care about.

The special effects of the live action creatures and other VFX elements are truly breath-taking, you really are taken to the places of the story. They have also captured the emotional moments of the story too with the comfort of Dumbo’s mother to her baby as one of the Circus Family members play and sing the memorable sad song in the original too ‘Baby Mine’.

Overall this film is a really endearing and lovely re-make of an old classic cartoon to a new Live Action (and VFX of course) family film for a new generation, all of which pumping up the excitement for the new version of The Lion King (Favreau, 2019) coming this summer!


– Photograph in Feature Image © Dumbo by Tim Burton

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