Design Process / Throwback

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day Twenty ‘Design Process’
The design process always starts with an idea, which I either write down in a notebook or my phone or I try to remember (always a bad idea!). I will then return to these ideas later, making more elaborate notes and developing the ideas further and maybe start sketching things out. These would then be working on further or moved onto another medium, whether that is further research, making or perhaps digitally drawing the design.. Either way the Design Process is really the backbone to any good Creative piece of work as it is a visual representation of your idea.

And this is certainly a stage where having a notebook or sketchbook is highly important. Here’s one I am definitely looking forward to breaking into someday soon! Any sketchbooks you guys would recommend?

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day Twenty One ‘Throwback’
Here you can see some of the first few Charms I ever made!
I’ve always loved re-creating real life objects and things into miniature form and turning it into a new use such as a decorative piece like these.

I guess that is why I love Stop Motion the most when it comes to Animation. But also taking something and sculpting it successfully is so wonderful no matter what the scale. My passion for Making has not changed much over 7 Years since I made these Little Charms!


– Logo in Feature Image © March Meet The Maker by Joanne Hawker

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