What I’m Working On / Mistake or Lesson / Dream Collaboration

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day Seventeen ‘What I’m Working On’
I am currently working on my Day in the Life project that I started up on last year’s March Meet The Maker. It has been a hectic year so not quite complete but hoping to finish off soon while I have some time off.

And to celebrate my work in Argos with this Stop Motion Stockroom Set that I will be animating this week, Wish me luck! You can get an idea of the scale I was working in with the image of the 10p within the shot, this is worked off our actual stockroom in Argos Aldershot at a tenth of the scale!


#MarchMeetTheMaker Day Eighteen ‘Mistake or Lesson’
I find that Tests are the greatest chance to Try Out techniques, find the mistakes and learn from them before it is too far along to fix it. The larger the project the bigger the Testing Stage.

Here you can see some of the Silicone Tests I went through to create the shoes for my Ball and Socket Puppets in the Short Animation ‘Colour’. The first two shoe images are mistakes as the wire armature and magnets too large that they cut through it, I therefore needed to adjust these elements. The Silicone was also too tough to animate the feet movements and so tried a different brand of Silicone in the final make. I also took these test opportunities to try out colouring and found the best method to paint the blue onto the white of the shoes. Without trying it out and making Mistakes I never would have Learnt how to use Silicone at all.


#MarchMeetTheMaker Day Nineteen ‘Dream Collaboration’
For me this was one of the harder prompts of this challenge to come up with something for, mostly I think because I haven’t collaborated with anyone in a while. I tend to like making things for other people so in a way that is a collaboration in ideas.

I also love to absorb as much inspiration from others as I can (which is why I love Instagram so much – so many of you lovely Inspiring People!) and tune that into my work.
The Dream Collaboration for me would currently be I guess working in the Creative Industry, creating and making things for the Film or Animation Industry!


– Logo in Feature Image © March Meet The Maker by Joanne Hawker

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