Photography / How I’ve Learnt

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day Thirteen ‘Photography’
Here you can see a little mashup edit of all my cameras.

I have had my Nikon D3100 for about 7 or 8 years now since I started Photography A Level at College and started learning how to properly use a camera and edit photos..

I got my Panasonic TZ100 about 2 years ago as a great little compact camera I could take anywhere for some great photos.

The Instax SQ6 Ive had for just under a year I think, as I wanted a new Instax Instant Film Camera as they have much improved the technology since the original Instax Mini 7s I still have from 5 years ago..

And that leads to my new phone, I splurged a little on a fab new Samsung Galaxy s9+ for the beautiful camera and great storage space while I worked at Argos and could get a fab deal on it. This is because I tend to always have my phone on me so I am ready to take a good photo wherever I am!

When it comes to editing I got the Adobe Photography Package and recently for my Christmas Animated Advent Calendar Project and I do not regret it, it is such a fab piece of software and there is just so much you can do with it! And for my Blog since Blogtacular last year I have been using Canva to edit together images for my Website, easy to use and create the right image for online quickly.

So what Cameras and Software do you guys use and would recommend?


#MarchMeetTheMaker Day Fourteen ‘How I’ve Learnt’
I would definitely say that I learnt the most from my University Courses.

I decided to first do a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at University of the Creative Arts (UCA) in Farnham. This is a wonderful course after College A Levels to work out exactly what field of the Creative Arts you want to go down. I started the course doing a week of each subject: Fine Art, Textiles, Graphics, 3D Objects and Photography & Moving Image. After which you would pick which focus you wanted to go into and then in the final semester focus down further to what focus within that subject you want to do. It is such a great Creative Learning Environment.

I then went on to study Stop Motion Animation and Puppet Making at Staffordshire University, a course that has now been combined into the Animation Course. This was such a great focused course where I really got into the professional techniques of the industry.

Of course there is so much you can learn on your own outside of higher education, especially with the online resources we now have. But it really helps having that human element of instant feedback you can get at University and I definitely miss University!


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