Product Range / Story Behind Name

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day Eight ‘Product Range’

I have quite a range of products that I make and work on, the main being shown through these images of past work:

Sculptures / Maquettes / Model Making

Seen here in the Maquette of Eric I made for a Group Project at Uni ‘Glitter Ball‘, the ‘Cube‘ Turnaround Animation showing some various material makes and the Living Room Furniture I made for ‘Glitter Ball‘.

Charms / Little Gift Sculpts

Shown here in the other two images, I like to make little sculptures of various things and turn them into key-chains or necklace charms as gifts for people.


Which you can see here in this simple turnaround ‘Cube‘ piece I created but I’m sure you all remember my Animated Advent Calendar project I created over Christmas.
I honestly love Making things and creating so I try to apply each idea to the best method that will express it.
What’s your favourite piece in my Product Range? Or have any ideas for things you would like to see me Make?


#MarchMeetTheMaker Day Nine ‘Story Behind Name’

Mine is very school like I know but it is me at the end of the day, it is my name over all my online platforms [except twitter, where I am frankiewright95]
Some days I think about changing my name to something more Interesting and Exciting but then this is what I am connected to now and my branding, I am Frankie Wright ^-^


– Logo in Feature Image © March Meet The Maker by Joanne Hawker

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