How You Started

I’ve always been an Art Lover and Knew I Wanted to go into the Creative Industry when I grew up. But it wasn’t until I watched the Film ‘Coraline‘ that I focused that Creativity into Stop Motion Animation and from there I went on to do a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Farnham UCA and then the Stop Motion Animation and Puppet Making Degree at Staffordshire University. All of which taught me so much as a Maker and Built my Skills Greatly.

And it all started with an inspiring film, an Interest in the Arts and How Things are Made. Always follow what interests you and you never know where it can take you.

Here’s a Photo of Me and my First Tattoo I got not long after I turned 18, of the Key from ‘Coraline‘. I hope to get the piece re-done to have the colours pop again.


– Logo in Feature Image © March Meet The Maker by Joanne Hawker

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