Favourite to Make

Hey Everyone! So it’s that time of the year again that I have been looking forward to [and I hope you have too!] of #MarchMeetTheMaker, a wonderful Challenge Created by @joannehawker for the Maker Community. I took past for the first time last year and had a total blast with it, so excited for what is to come this year. If you feel like learning more go onto Joanne’s March Meet The Maker Website..



So let’s kick off with today’s prompt ‘Favourite to Make’ and for me it definitely has to be making parts for a Film or Animation; whether those are these fun bright trees I made a few years back for my Animated Short ‘Colour’ or making set parts in a Big Feature Film such as ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ I find it so satisfying taking a drawing or plan and bringing it to life in the 3D World – I guess that’s also why I also like animating so much?


– Logo in Feature Image © March Meet The Maker by Joanne Hawker

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