The Favourite (Lanthimos, 2018)

> Date Seen: 8th January 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-


When I saw there was a film with Olivia Colman (playing Queen Anne), Rachel Weisz (playing Lady Sarah) and Emma Stone (playing Abigail) in the leading roles of the story I was very excited and knew I wanted to see the film, strengthened by it’s success in the awards recently.

“They were all staring, weren’t they? I can tell even if I can’t see. And I heard the word fat! Fat and ugly!
Anne, no one but me would dare and I did not.”

– Queen Anne and Lady Sarah, The Favourite (Lanthimos, 2018)

The powerful trio of women did not disappoint in this film showing their wonderful acting skills throughout this wacky emotional period drama. We see Queen Anne in her more frail state later in life as she has taken on a great deal through her reign, finding out about her several miscarriages [portrayed through the many rabbits she keeps] that weaken her mental health as well as her physical state.

She seeks comfort from her favourite in court Lady Sarah, which we soon find to be close than you would have thought for the time, until Abigail seizes her chance for affection and to then better her position.

This film is a great story of power and how it leads lives – those who have the Queen’s favour [as the most powerful person in the country] has power themselves and in the right circumstance can change the country.

The Favourite is a really interesting and talent filled film that is not your typical mainstream film, which was a surprise given it’s many awards. But you can understand it with such powerful women in this film, it is one to keep and eye on.


– Photograph in Feature Image © The Favourite  by Yorgos Lanthimos

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