Tito and the Birds (Bitar, Catoto & Steinberg, 2018)

Tito e os Pássaros

(original title)

MAF2018 TUE13 Tito and the Birds

> Date Seen: 13th November 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-


This was one of a few feature film debuts that were screened during the Manchester Animation Festival 2018, however in this films case I went in blind as I knew nothing about the film prior to entering the cinema that Tuesday evening.

“This is the story of how fear contaminated the World”

– Tito, Tito and the Birds (Bitar, Catoto & Steinberg, 2018)

The Beautiful Brazilian film [which we saw in the it’s original Portuguese with English subtitles] follows this young boy Tito and his friends as this fear disease takes hold of people in their city and they try to get to the bottom of it and find a cure.

© Tito and the Birds by Gabriel Bitar, André Catoto and Gustavo Steinberg

The film is truly breath taking with this wonderful mix media animation using oil painting, digital drawing and graphic animation to create this bold flowing and moving look throughout the action of the film. I love the way they use the best parts of these techniques to create each shot of the film. Having the detailed painted elements and the style of beautiful digital drawings mixed with the freedom of graphic animation over it makes for the best possible final image in the film.

The story is also well told through the eyes of the children as we follow them through this rather scary time when they cannot be afraid for fear of this fear sickness – cleverly creating this loop of how to not fear fear.

Tito and the Birds is a really imaginative story told incredibly well in this equally imaginative way that you cannot help but like.

– Photograph in Feature Image © Tito and the Birds by Gabriel Bitar, André Catoto and Gustavo Steinberg



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