Door Twenty Two

– This is another reflective piece, using footage I made the first holiday of my Degree, 4 years ago! I wanted to reflect on how much I have improved and pushed myself over these past 4 years to create bigger and better work today. So here you go seeing an old piece of mine ‘An Animated Merry Christmas’ and I hope you too can enjoy seeing the development just as much as I have!

[making of blog posts coming soon]


One response to “Door Twenty Two”

  1. […] Door Twenty Two was the other old footage piece using the film An Animated Merry Christmas that I animated during my first holiday break 4 years ago in the first year of my degree course. For more on the project you can find this old blog post about it here. I tried to enhance some of the footage to improve the quality. Overall these were really interesting films to create and look back on after having finished my degree course and to see how much I have improved over the years. [Music: Silent Night Instrumental by Jingle Punks from YouTube Audio Library] […]

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