Door Fourteen


– I found some old footage of ‘An Animated Christmas Card‘ I created 3 years ago at University and thought this would be a great chance to look back on old work, reflect as another year is wrapped up and so made this new version for the Animated Advent Calendar. Stop Motion Mixed Media Piece.

[making of blog posts coming soon]


One response to “Door Fourteen”

  1. […] Door Fourteen used An Animated Christmas Card film that I made for a competition brief at Staffordshire University during my second year on the Stop Motion Animation and Puppet Making course 3 years ago. I edited down the film so it had the Christmas card parts wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year [which I made a change from ‘2016’ to ‘2019’] so as to remove the part from the Animation Department. [Music: Lifting Dreams by Aakash Gandhi from YouTube Audio Library] […]

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