Door Twelve

– Stop Motion Animated Little Crafted Snow Globe with tiny polar bear and penguins, a great pairing of Christmas that are not seen together in the World.

[making of blog posts coming soon]

One response to “Door Twelve”

  1. […] Door Twelve shows a handmade piece animated in a turnaround. I knew when I came up with this idea I needed a glass dome of some sort that I could use to make look like a snow globe – and after searching many stores in my local town I found some sweet little domes in the art shop we have [Pullingers] that were sold separately with these wooden trees you could paint and place together as a Christmas decoration. I then crafted small parts together in Sculpey to create an ice landscape with their snowy creatures on the scale in the dome. The greatest challenge was to get a realistic shape to such a small size but I think once it was all painted up they looked rather effective. Then to animate it was quite difficult to keep each shot in the exact spot with the short time window I had to capture it in – one day I hope to create a fab looping gif of this piece. But for now this spinning animation tells my story well. [Music: Silent Night (Instrumental Jazz) by E’s Jammy Jams from YouTube Audio Library] […]

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