Door Seven

– Stop Motion Animation of a present prop being opened, a key part for many people at Christmas – the giving and receiving of gifts!

[making of blog posts coming soon]

One response to “Door Seven”

  1. […] Door Seven, making a little box from jewellery box I had, which I covered in paper. Creating the lid from cut cardboard that was shaped to the box and also covered in paper. This was when I had decided to animate the unwrapping of this box only and not also the unboxing as I thought the concept of ripping of the wrapping off was far more “Christmassy” than seeing what the gift necessarily was and leaves that element of wonder and questioning in the run up to Christmas. So I wrapped the box and tied it up with a bow ready to animate. On the table which I animated from I though the covering of another style of wrapping paper would be a nice element to add, and I think this works well in the final film. [Music: Lifting Dreams by Aakash Gandhi from YouTube Audio Library] […]

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