The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Álvarez, 2018)

> Date Seen: 19th November 2018 <
-Spoilers Alert-


When I first heard that there was a new Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film being made with Claire Foy playing the lead of Lisbeth Salander I could not imagine the actress who played the soft small character of Amy Dorrit from Little Dorrit (Smith, Walsh and Lawrence, 2008) playing such a rough, dark hacker.

“Are you not Lisbeth Salander, the righter of wrongs? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? The girl who hurts men who hurt women? All those lucky ladies. Do you remember that morning? For sixteen years I’ve been watching you. Why did you help everyone but me, sister?”

Camilla Salander, The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Álvarez, 2018)

But turns out she was a wonderful choice of actress for the role as she embodies the slight but strong hacker who fights against men who hurt women. In this story we follow Lisbeth as she tries to destroy a weapons program before it falls into the wrong hands.
The film has some clever hints to the past backstory so we can understand the history quickly. Such as her relationship with Mikael Blomkvist (played by Sverrir Gudnason) shown through the glimpse of a photograph of them together.
I also enjoyed the subtle shows of her feeling that are seen throughout as she obviously cares for others more than she likes to let on.
There are also some great ‘action’ scenes within the film whenever Lisbeth take control if the tech in a scene you can’t help thinking how badass she is with a computer to hand [and even without as we see in many fight scenes].
Overall this film was a great adaptation of the new Girl with a Dragon Tattoo Book Series, holding much more of an impact than the previous US version of the Swedish films.



– Photograph in Feature Image © The Girl in the Spider’s Web by Fede Álvarez

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