Door One


For a few years I have been planning to make an Animated Advent Calendar, opening a new door each day as you would with a real Advent Calendar. And this is the year I have finally got around to working on them and creating it! So here it is, Day One! Come back tomorrow for your next animated treat! [making of blog posts coming soon]

– Stop Motion Animated Little Craft about 3cm Tall of the crackling fireplace prepped the day before Santa and his Reindeer visit, better make sure to put that fire out before midnight!


2 responses to “Door One”

  1. […] something great in time [something I probably haven’t given myself enough of with my own Animated Advent Calendar Personal Project]. A few other tips that Animated Women UK gave was to be nice to those you meet and work with in […]

  2. […] Door One: I made a little solid craft of a brick fireplace with a saucer of cookies and carrots on the side at about 3cm high. I then used little pieces of orange clay to animate flames flickering and moving. All this needed was the crackling fire sound [by dobroide from Freesound] and the short was complete – giving a great feel of warmth that you certainly need in the cold of Winter. [Music: White River by Aakash Gandhi from YouTube Audio Library] […]

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