The Last Day

Day Eleven – 11.08.18 – Algarve

Porches, Algarve

Porches Pottery

Off one of the main roads on our route today we found our way to this little pottery store Porches Pottery. A great artistic little spot where the artists have been hand-making pottery pieces since the 60’s. One that my parents had actually visited before, about 20 years ago, before I was born and when my brother was little so it was really nice to see still there after all this time.

We were hoping we could get a new number for our door when we saw such pieces on display but when we found there was no version for our house number we started looking through the rest of the collections. From plates to lamp bases they hold a great range of items in various designs with a style throughout them that makes you think of this place. We ended up getting a couple of pieces, the most important of which being this years Christmas Tree decoration [a tradition of ours to try get a new decoration on every holiday we take such as a little Venetian Mask I got when in Venice or a Statue of Liberty when in New York]. In this case a sweet little clay tree to remind us of Portugal.

Porches Pottery

After a little bit of shopping we stopped for a quick drink before driving further on our route. The pottery store had it’s own little café which definitely showed off their handmade pottery with the grand slabs of solid table decorated back when opened. And the decorative painting of a woman over tiles on the wall which was equally beautiful, really giving you that great holiday vibe in the sunshine of Portugal that day with a fresh smoothie in my hand.


Silves, Algarve

Silves Silves

The next stop on our road trip to the airport was the city of Silves where there happened to be the Silves Medieval Fair going on over the next week but unfortunately starting the evening before we were there as a big party that we missed. There were however a few packed stalls and shops around that kept us busy browsing.

We first made our way to visit the Cathedral in this town with it’s unusual mix of the old architecture and modern gospel music from big stand alone speakers. It had this great warmth in the place as you could follow the building round and read up on the history. After which we stopped for a quick lunch break at a little café nearby for sandwiches and in my case a nice cold slushie in the 40°C heat.


Journey Home Again

Plane Home

Unfortunately before long it was that time to begin making our way back to car and on our journey home.. This trip being another wonderful time in Portugal that we all very much needed away relaxing and enjoying the sunshine and sights, what more could you ask for?

Till next time Portugal, Adeus!


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