Overlord (Avery, 2018)

> Date Seen: 5th November 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-


One of the most interesting parts of having an Unlimited Card with Cineworld for me is seeing films that I may not otherwise see in the cinema. In this case it was another early screening with Unlimited Screening of a dark thriller following a group of soldiers trying to take down a German Radio Tower on the eve of D-Day in World War Two.

“Three months ago, I was cutting grass on my front yard. The mailman shows up with a letter from the army. Now I’m here, and no idea where I’m going to end up.”

– Boyce, Overlord (Avery, 2018)

This is quite a horror looking film with not much information given away in the trailer which wouldn’t normally appeal to me but when it came up as an unlimited screening I couldn’t resist.

We start off connecting with the main character Boyce (played as Jovan Adepo) as he comes across as the unprepared soldier we want to protect form the harsh things we know he is going to see in the War. And throughout the film your feelings on the rest of the characters change and evolve as the story develops, making for some emotional moments when those characters are in danger and later some of which die.

The film throughout is also very intense with great suspense moments such as when Boyce is crawling through the underground systems of the tower, horror moments like when Boyce sees a decapitated head connected to wires still calling out for help in French and scary moments such as when Chloe (played by Mathilde Ollivier) is chased by an experimented body of a man who should be dead. All of which have you on the edge of your seat throughout.

And so I was glad to have gone in the end to see this intense nail-biting film as with most thriller films the whole film is a what’s going to happen adrenaline rush.


– Photograph in Feature Image © Overlord by Julius Avery

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