Bohemian Rhapsody (Singer, 2018)

> Date Seen: 29th October 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-


Bohemian Rhapsody is a great film celebrating the works of Queen and how it all came to be, with a focus on the legendary lead singer Freddie Mercury (played by Rami Malek).

“So, tell me. What makes Queen any different from all of the other wannabe rockstars I meet?
Tell you what it is, Mr. Reid. Now we’re four misfits who don’t belong together, we’re playing for the other misfits. They’re the outcasts, right at the back of the room. We’re pretty sure they don’t belong either. We belong to them.”

John Reid and Freddie Mercury, Bohemian Rhapsody (Singer, 2018)

The film show well how unique and game-changing the band Queen were to the industry when they started out in London in the 70’s. We start with Freddie just before he meets fellow band members Brian May (played by Gwilym Lee) and Roger Taylor (played by Ben Hardy) in their previous band at a student gig. He himself works in an airport when they lose their lead singer and he seizes his opportunity to showcase his talent.

Throughout the film we see creations of some of the Queen’s greatest hits with the wonderfully imaginative techniques they use within the recording studios [such as throwing around speakers and drumming with objects on the drums]. And the way they connect further with their audience through the stamp/clap rhythm of ‘We Will Rock You’.

We also see some of the more dark moments Freddie goes through in his life as he tries to find himself – struggling with his sexuality and the media harass him over it in interviews that all drive him to over drinking and drug use that take him away from the band. Until they join together once more for the charity event Live Aid and you see how much the world loves this band.

Overall the film seems a great show of Freddie Mercury and the life of Queen until the famous Live Aid Gig in 1985, with a great soundtrack of their greatest hits.



– Photograph in Feature Image © Bohemian Rhapsody by Bryan Singer

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