A Seafront Visit

Day Nine – 09.08.18 – Lagos

Firstly I want to apologise for the radio silence on this weekly ‘what I’ve been up to’ Friday segment the last couple of weeks, work has been busy as well as projects [stay tuned on these Fridays for more info on these!] and other obligations that I didn’t have the proper time to put towards polishing off these segments.. But I am back and so continues my travels in Portugal this summer..

On this day we decided to head out to the local city centre area and do a bit of shopping, grab some lunch and see the area. So after a short drive [and a little longer trying to find a parking space] we found ourselves at the top of this hill looking down on the beach front and the beautiful view with the sun shining on it all.

The Seafront

Sunshine, Shopping and Seafront

Then walking along the road by the beach we made our way to the markets that were there, trying to look for the best bits of each spot and I got some very funky summer clothes to take home with me, the trousers of which I will totally live in on hot lazy days with the flowing patterned trousers. Along with some little trinkets to gift those back home too. My favourite part of which was finding all the unusual things that you wouldn’t expect to see anywhere [such as this skeleton with genitals embracing a naked angel] one of my favourite parts of shopping somewhere new.

The Seafront The Seafront

Perfect Pizza

For lunch we began making our way to a little pizza spot we found online. On the route we came across some amazing graffiti which really caught my eye, really artistic bold outlined styles of work that I couldn’t help but photograph. The pizza spot itself being this little café space with more tables and chairs out front. The staff are certainly what made this place so great as they really make you feel important and have a great sense of humour and kindness that have you leaving with a smile. In my case they made a whole new pizza as I couldn’t decide between two pizzas, a gorgeous four cheese and chicken pizza that I loved.

Graffiti Graffiti


Overall the town is a great place for a little shopping, sun catching and to grab a bite to eat. There are also some fab little artistic shops filled with the symbols and designs of Portugal that one would always want to gather when visiting. In my case I managed to get a ceramic sardine from the Bordallo Pinheiro project and for our family home we got some great handmade tiles.


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