The House with a Clock in It’s Walls (Roth, 2018)

> Date Seen: 1st October 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-

I saw the trailer for this film and I knew it would be a whimsical family film that would make you smile. And I was right – it was great to see Jack Black (playing Jonathan Barnavelt) in a kids film again and joined by Cate Blanchett (playing Florence Zimmerman) they make for a great comedic duo.

“You’ll see, things are quite different here.”

Jonathan Barnavelt, The House with a Clock in It’s Walls (Roth, 2018)

The Child Star of the show Owen Vaccaro (playing Lewis) was also a great casting choice as we follow this ‘odd ball’ child moving in with his equally odd uncle Jonathan after his parents die, and starting a new school. We see Jonathan’s unusual ways end up revealing his magical powers and he then teaches his nephew the ways of a Warlock.

These magic lessons give him fantastic new abilities but he still struggles making friends at school and his loneliness is taken advantage of and leads him to bring back an evil Warlock back from the dead with black magic.

But through the bad [and sometimes surprisingly creepy moments – The Dolls coming to life!] the team work of all the good comes together to save the day and have a lot of comical on screen moments that overall make for a really nice family film for all to enjoy with some great actors bringing the magic to life in their beautiful house.


– Photograph in Feature Image © The House with a Clock in It’s Walls by Eli Roth

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