Johnny English Strikes Again (Kerr, 2018)

> Date Seen: 17th October 2018 <

-Spoilers Alert-


If you have never heard of Johnny English I will be very surprised. As this film makes for the third reincarnation of the much beloved [though greatly accident-prone] Johnny English role (played by the very stylised Rowan Atkinson).

“Basil. Basil… Golightly. And this is…
I thought we were using fake names.
That is a fake name, sir.

Johnny English and Bough, Johnny English Strikes Again (Kerr, 2018)

In this film we see both English and Angus Bough (played by Ben Miller) come out of retirement and team up again as all the current spies of the UK have had their covers blown by a group of hackers.

What follows is these great fumbles of investigations as the team try to discover who is behind the cyber attacks. And the laughs along the way! I found myself laughing every other minute during this film along with many of the others in the cinema. Atkinson’s slapstick comedy style in these films does not disappoint and so if you are looking for a great comedy full of laughs to see I would definitely recommend seeing this film – fun and full of laughs.



– Photograph in Feature Image © Johnny English Strikes Again by David Kerr

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