To those of you who don’t know about the Inktober Challenge it is where you must try create a series of drawings [one every day] over the month of October in Ink following the prompts given at the start. Mab’s Drawlloween Club is the same process but a different version as you can create art in whatever form for this one and with a different set of prompts each day. Both a great way of artistically challenging yourself to create something new everyday.

For the last few years I have tried to keep up with this challenge and made my own pieces for each, however this year I decided to take on a combined prompts challenge as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with two pieces each day with my other work on.. And so here is the second installment, [come back each Wednesday Morning to see the next week lot of work] if you can’t wait for the next follow my Instagram fwright95 to keep up-to-date with it all!



Star & Yōkai

And I was thinking the real stars of Japanese spectre and mystery are these sprites and creatures of the wonderful Studio Ghibli. Some of the most beautiful and inspiring work to me that I shall always cherish. So here is a little 5minute sketch of them, sorry couldn’t have been longer and a greater study but these have been the only minutes could spare today.

– drawn with black fineliners –



Precious & Spider Baby

For those of you that know me you will know I hate bugs and I am rather terrified of them when.. But when I read the combined idea of precious and spider baby there was one little guy who came straight to my mind. And that was Lucas the Spider who is the only spider that has actually made me aww and won me over.

If you haven’t heard of this guy or seen the videos go check him out now!

– drawn with black fineliners and painted with chinese and drawing ink –



Flowing & Lagoon (Creature)

Here I have the iconic creature of the black lagoon swimming in this beautiful flowing blue lagoon for a change! Hope you enjoy this little drawing in ink and coloured in felt tip pens..

– drawn with black fineliners and coloured felt pens –



Cruel & Bat

So of course my initial thought was of the beautiful creature of a bat. However these are not what I would think of as cruel and so came the thought the bat object in human hands which could be cruel.
So here is a quick graphic sketch of a very famous bat weapon from The Walking Dead..

– drawn with black fineliner and felt pen –



Whale & Vampire

I love the little kawaii whales you sometimes see online or around and when these two prompts came up today, I couldn’t resist creating this little guy. He’s feeling a little grey after being bitten by a drowning vampire he saved.. Now he finds himself thirsty hunting in this great Sea..

– drawn with black fineliners and coloured kurecolor –



Guarded & Grave/Coffin

And so we have the Grim Reaper, Death, Guarding the graves that hold the dead from those who want to resurrect..

– drawn with black fineliners and coloured kurecolor –



Clock & Skeleton

Today I discovered that clocks that have there mechanisms showing are actually called skeleton clocks. So being a beautiful and complex thing like our own skeletons.

– drawn with black fineliners and coloured kurecolor –



– Photographs in Feature Image © [images left to right] Inktober by Jake Parker and Mab’s Drawlloween Club by Mab Graves

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